Workplace Accident Investigation

Dr Rechnitzer has been active in OH&S research and development, and in legal cases, over many years and has also carried out major OH&S projects.

Whilst at MUARC as part of the OHS Research Group, major projects have included transport vehicle safety, forklift through to agricultural and construction industry safety.

Litigation support in many OH&S matters has included heavy vehicles, forklifts, train collisions,  mobile equipment, cranes, and system of work cases.

Dr Rechnitzer has been active in the Safety Institute of Australia for many years and was SIA’s  Chair of the National Technical Panel from 2009 to 2011.

George Rechnitzer and Associates specialize in providing comprehensive accident reports for your legal needs. The service is available throughout Australia and GRA reports are renowned for offering effective results. With wide experience in this field, George Rechnitzer and Associates have been successful in providing high-quality reports that have immensely helped individuals, businesses and families to achieve positive outcomes in a large number of cases.

Accident Reconstruction is the in-depth investigation of an accident and the collection, organization, and analysis of the data associated with it. Workplace accident investigation involves retracing the events preceding an accident and unearthing critical information that may have been missed otherwise. Accident reports help to determine the cause of the accident and the ways to prevent them in future. They also help to establish liability and costs to process legal claims. All relevant data is organized in a legally presentable format so that it can be clearly understood to build a strong case.

Car accident reports prepared by us have helped to improve transport and workplace safety by providing litigation support and evidence for mediation settlement. The forensic process carried out by us is documented to comply with the standards that have been laid down by courts and also to provide you with all the necessary documents required for your case.

Dr. Rechnitzer is the principal engineer and director and carries an experience of over 40 years. His work in forensic science is considered as some of the best by clients. He has more than 100 publications in a wide array of topics. The forensic engineering service and litigation support service provided by us include the following spheres:

If you are looking for workplace accident investigation reports, get in touch with us. Our methodology is based on scientific techniques to help present a strong case for you. We take complete responsibility of collecting and analyzing evidence related to your case and organizing it into a legal document. With our help, you will succeed in presenting complex and crucial evidence in a manner that is easily understood. We assure to help you achieve a satisfying outcome in the courtroom.

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