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Dr Rechnitzer has presented at over 70 Seminars and Conferences nationally and internationally, on topics including Accident Investigations and Reconstruction, OH&S, Road Safety, Workplace Safety, Forensics Engineering and many others, with most listed below. Such conference attendance also provides opportunity for keeping up to date on developments in many areas relating to safety, litigations support and investigations.

Presentations & Seminars by Dr George Rechnitzer

  1. Rechnitzer G. Interface Analysis and Design: Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Barrier Design; presented by Rechnitzer G and Grzebieta R; at the Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference 2013, 28-30 August 2013, Brisbane Convention Centre, QLD, Australia.
  2. Rechnitzer G. From Billy Cart’ Crashes to Truck Crashes, presented at the Victorian Waste Management Association, Breakfast Seminar at The RACV Club, Melbourne, 8th August 2012.
  3. Rechnitzer G. Engineering Safer Road Systems, presented at Road Safety 2011, 8-9 March 2011, ParkRoyal Darling Harbour , Sydney, Lloyd’s List DCN Events.
  4. Rechnitzer G. Benefits and Cost of Incident and Accident Investigations, presented at Incident & Accident Investigation seminar, Hilton on the Park, Wellington Parade, Melbourne, February 14 & 15 2011 MarcusEvans conferences.
  5. Rechnitzer G. Incidence Response and Future Directions in Heavy Vehicle Safety, presented at the TruckSafe Members’ Forum held at 2010 ATA/ARTSA  Technical & Maintenance Conference, Monday 15 November 2010, Silver Water Resort, San Remo, Phillip Island.
  6. Rechnitzer G. VicRoads & Innovation: The Path To The Future Of Road Safety, on panel at Breakfast Forum, Australian Engineering Week, Monday 2  August 2010, Zinc Federation Square, Melbourne. Engineers Australia.
  7. Rechnitzer G. Role of in-depth Investigations  and Research in developing safer systems,  presented for the Course  ‘MPH2076 – Safety Management Systems’, Monash University Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Alfred Hospital. May 2010.
  8. Rechnitzer G, Richardson S & Sander R., Incident Response and in-depth scientific an reliable incident investigations, presented at the Zero Harm Target Conference, Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne, November 16-17 2009, Marcus Evans Conferences.
  9. Rechnitzer G. Forensic Accident Investigations –Lessons for Drivers, presented at the Australian Driver Trainers Association Annual Conference, October 18, 2009, Melbourne.
  10. Rechnitzer G. Challenges and future directions in heavy vehicle driver safety; Presented at: Workshop: Heavy Vehicle Driver Safety in Victoria, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Melbourne, 20 May 2009.
  11. Rechnitzer G. “Role of Engineering Design, Research, and In-depth Investigations in  Safety  Management Systems”,  presented for the Course  ‘MPH2076 – Safety Management Systems’, Monash University Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Alfred Hospital. April 20th 2009.
  12. Rechnitzer, G. “In-Depth Investigations of Major Incidents- Learning to Prevent Future Tragedies, Safety In Action Conference 2009, Melbourne Convention Centre, Safety Institute of Australia. March 30-April 2, 2009.
  13. Rechnitzer G, Orton T, Shifman M & Richardson S, Pedestrian Safety – A Challenging Task, 2nd Local Road Safety & Traffic Engineering Conference 2008; Gold Coast International Hotel, Gold Coast, Queensland. 26-27 August 2008.
  14. Rechnitzer G, Shifman M & Richardson S, Litigation and Investigation Issues, a Forensic Engineering Viewpoint, 2nd Local Road Safety & Traffic Engineering Conference  2008, Gold Coast International Hotel, Gold Coast, Queensland. 26-27 August 2008.
  15. Richardson S, Rechnitzer G, Orton T, Shifman M, Zou R & Crocker S;  Design and testing of effective Rollover Protective Structures for Light Vehicles, ICRASH2008. International Crashworthiness Conference, Kyoto Japan, July 22-25, 2008.
  16. Rechnitzer G, Engineering Design- The Core Element of System Safety; Queensland Safety Conference 2007, Brisbane Convention And Exhibition Centre,  Safety Institute of Australia. Tuesday 19 – Thurs 21 June 2007.
  17. Rechnitzer G, Richardson S, Orton T, Shifman M,  Short A & Smith R; Systematic Causes Of Transport And Impact Trauma And Countermeasures; Safety In Action Conference 2007, Melbourne Convention Centre, Safety Institute of Australia. 20-22 March 2007.
  18. Rechnitzer G & Wigglesworth E; Innovations In Rail Injury Prevention At Railroad Level Crossings; Presented at Safety In Action 2004, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 30th March 2004- 1 April 2004. Safety Institute of Australia.
  19. Rechnitzer G, Richardson S, Preventative Strategies and Countermeasures to Injury: Workplace Injury Prevention. Presented at the Master Public Health Course 2056:  Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Course 2003, Monash University Accident Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia. 10 July 2003.
  20. Rechnitzer G, Specifying Safety Performance Systems In Vehicle Procurement, Proceedings ICrash2002 International Crashworthiness Conference, 25-27 February 2002, Melbourne, Australia.
  21. Rechnitzer G, Innovative Measures to Reduce Crash Occurrence and Severe Injury Risk at Passive Railroad Crossings, presented at the Seventh International Symposium On Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Research And Safety – Getting Active At Passive Crossings, 20-21 February 2002, Monash University (Clayton), Melbourne, Australia.
  22. Rechnitzer G, Injury Research – A Meeting of Disciplines. A Keynote presentation at the Injury Prevention 2001 Conference (incorporating Fifth National Conference on Injury Prevention and the Fourth National Farm Injury Conference); Deakin University Warrnambool, Victoria, 25-28 September 2001.
  23. Rechnitzer G, Triggs T, Fox B, Lau T, Testing For Impact Injury Risk To Drivers Wearing Night Vision Goggles, presented at the Military and Emergency Vehicle Safety TOPTEC, Tempe, Arizona 11-12 September 2001, SAE (USA).
  24. Rechnitzer G, Seyer K & Powell G, Performance Criteria, Design And Crash Testing Of Effective Rear Underride Guards, presented at the 17th International Technical Conference On The Enhanced Safety Of Vehicles, Amsterdam 2001, 4-7 June 2001.
  25. Rechnitzer G, What OH&S Can Learn From Road Safety Programs, presented at the Safety in Action Conference, 1-3 May 2001, Melbourne, Safety Institute Of Australia.
  26. Rechnitzer G, Applying First Principles For The Design Of Crashworthy Systems For Road Safety, presented at the Road Safety Research, Policing and Education 2000 Conference, Sheraton Brisbane, QLD, 26-28 November 2000.
  27. Rechnitzer G & Grzebieta, Brown G & Shuster R, Effectiveness of Cargo Barriers to Protect Front Seat Occupants in Rear Impacts – Crashtest Evaluation, presented at ICrash 2000 International Crashworthiness Conference, 6-8 September 2000, London.
  28. Grzebieta R & Rechnitzer G, Crashworthiness of Barriers: An Informed Structural Engineer’s Perspective. Presentation for the Institution of Engineers, Melbourne, 10 October 2000.
  29. Rechnitzer G, Heavy Vehicle Design and Safety, presented at Safety In Action 2000 Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre 4-6 April 2000; Safety Institute of Australia.
  30. Effectiveness of Load Restraint System and Load Subjected to Rear Impacts – crash testing of Telstra VT Commodore Service Vehicle, presented at the 1999 Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference, Canberra, ACT, 28-30 November 1999.
  31. The New Australian/NZ Standard 3845:1999 Road Safety Barrier Systems – Performance Evaluations, presented at the 6th ITE International Conference Road Safety Enforcement Beyond 2000, Workshop on Roadside Infrastructure Crashworthiness, 6-7 September 1999, Melbourne.
  32. Crashworthy Systems – A Paradigm Shift in Safety Design, presented with Dr Raphael Grzebieta, at the “Aus TopTec” Topical Technical Symposium, Melbourne, 1 September 1999, SAE Australia.
  33. Road Tunnels as Confined Spaces, presented at Risk 99 Back to the Future, Risk Engineering Society Conference, 30-31 August 1999, Melbourne.
  34. Multidisciplinary Study of Military Vehicles Safety in Australia, paper presented at SAE Military Vehicle Safety TOPTEC; 10-11 June 1999, San Francisco, USA.
  35. The Role of In-Depth Investigations in Injury Research and Prevention, presented at the Third National Conference on Injury Prevention and Control, 9-12 May 1999, Brisbane, Queensland.
  36. Heavy Vehicle Crash Involvement, presented at the Safety in Action Conference, Melbourne, 25-28 February 1998.
  37. Madymo Modelling of a Car Impacting an Energy Absorbing Rear Truck Underrun Barrier, presented (with Dr R. Zou) at The Second International Conference On Accident Investigation, Reconstruction, Interpretation and The Law (AIRIL 97), 20-23 October 1997, Brisbane, Queensland University of Technology.
  38. Designing in Safety: Workplace Injury Prevention, lecture to Monash University Master of Public Health (MPH) students, 13 October 1997. Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Monash University.
  39. Crash Investigations, presented at SAE (Australasia) Seminar on Vehicle Crash Analysis – Introduction to Collision Reconstruction, 4 September 1997, Melbourne.
  40. Design Principles for Underride Guards and Crash Test Results, presented at SAE Heavy Vehicle Underride Protection TOPTEC, 15-16 April 1997 Palm Springs, USA.
  41. Engineering Safer Transport & Logistics Systems In Manufacturing, Processing and Other Industrial Sites. Presentation for the Institution of Engineers, Australia, 14 November 1996, Melbourne (joint presentation with Mr Bruce Corben & Dr TJ Larsson).
  42. Preventative Techniques in Manual Handling, presented at the Occupational Health and Safety in the Public Sector Conference, 17-18 July 1996, Rydges Canberra, IIR Conferences.
  43. Use of Glass Fibre Reinforced Composite Tubes for Energy Absorption in Vehicle Crashes, presented at the 29th ISATA Conference; 3-6 June 1996, Florence, Italy.
  44. How Does Our Environment Cause Injury and What Can Be Done? Joint presentation with Dr Joan Ozanne-Smith to Master of Public Health (MPH) students; 30 May 1996, at Deakin University. Monash University, Melbourne.
  45. The Role of Energy Absorption Systems in Injury Prevention, presented at the Monash University Accident Research Centre Seminar Series, 24 May 1996, at Monash University Melbourne.
  46. Development and Testing of Energy Absorbing Rear Underrun Barriers for Heavy Vehicles, presented at the 15th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference, 13-16 May; World Congress Centre. Melbourne.
  47. Rollover Crash Study – Vehicle Design and Occupant Injuries, presented at the 15th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference, 13-16 May 1996; World Congress Centre. Melbourne.
  48. The role of design in Occupational Health and Safety, presented at FutureSafe 96, 12-17 May 1996; World Congress Centre. Melbourne.
  49. Vehicle Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, lecture to students for their Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science course, 23 April 1996, Latrobe University. Melbourne.
  50. The Ballarat Region Occupational Injury Prevention Program, presented at the 1996 Occupational Injury Symposium 24-27 February 1996, Sydney Hilton (jointly with Professor TL Larsson) Sydney.
  51. Reducing Manual Handling Injuries – a Critical Review of Risk Assessment Tools and Practice, presented at the 1996 Occupational Injury Symposium 24-27 February 1996, Sydney Hilton. Sydney.
  52. Design Changes to Heavy Vehicles to Reduce Injury Risk to Other Road Users, presented at the Third International Conference on Injury Prevention and Control, 19-22 February 1996, World Congress Centre, Melbourne.
  53. Using injury severity and harm measures to prioritise injury prevention programs in the workplace, presented at the 3rd International Injury Conference, 19-22 February 1996; World Congress Centre, Melbourne.
  54. Countermeasures and Implementation strategies for injury prevention – heavy vehicle design, presented at the Short Course in Injury Research and Prevention (MUARC); 12-16 February 1996, Melbourne Univ.
  55. Assessing Vehicle Crashworthiness from Crash Investigations, presented at the Inaugural International Conference on Accident Investigation and The Law, 16-19 October 1995, Gold Coast, Queensland University Of Technology.
  56. Measuring And Assessing Vehicle Crashworthiness. Presentation at The Conference “Vehicle Accidents, Their Cause-Reconstruction And Law”, 28-29 July 1995, Old Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne; Monash University.
  57. Risk Management Plans For Women: Reducing Workplace Manual Handling Injuries, presented at The OHS In Manufacturing Conference, 26-27 June 1995, Sebel Town House, Sydney.
  58. Road Accidents and The Vehicle, presented at the VicRoads Accident Investigation and Prevention Workshop, 14-17 May 1995. Geelong.
  59. Rollover Crash Study – Vehicle design and occupant injuries, presented at the Road Safety Research and Enforcement Conference, Melbourne, 29-30 November 1994.
  60. Forklift trucks and severe injuries: priorities for prevention, presentation at the “Making OHS Matter Conference”, OH&S Authority, 11 October 1994. Melbourne.
  61. Heavy Vehicle Safety: The development of effective rear underrun barriers, paper presented at Short Course on Injury Research and Prevention, 4-8 July 1994, Melbourne. Monash University.
  62. The Reduction of Injuries to Car Occupants in Rear End Impacts with Heavy Vehicles, 37th STAPP Car Crash Conference, 8-10 November 1993, San Antonio, Texas.
  63. Improving the Safety of Heavy Vehicles, presented at the seminar sponsored by RACV and Institute of Engineers Road Safety Sub Committee and The Transport Branch, Melbourne, 20 October 1993.
  64. Improving the Design of Heavy Vehicles To Reduce the Injury Risk to Other Road Users in Crashes, 18th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Gold Coast Queensland; September 1993.
  65. Injury is no Accident, presentation to Victoria Police State Forensic Science Laboratory seminar, Melbourne, 4 June 1992.
  66. Motor Vehicle Occupant protection Investigations, presented at Weekend Seminar “Accident Prone – Product and Occupational Safety Investigations: New Frontiers of Forensic Science”, Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society. Ballarat, 7-8 September 1991.
  67. Private Accident Investigations, presented at Accident Investigation and Prevention Course, VICROADS Road Safety Division. Melbourne, 2-5 September 1991.
  68. Truck Involved Crash Study, presented at VICROADS Seminar. Melbourne, 13 August 1991.
  69. Occupant Crash Protection, presented at VICROADS Seminar “Advances in Vehicle Safety”, Melbourne, 20 June 1991.

Illusions of Safety, paper presented as major prize winner in the “1989 Safety Prize” competition, at VICROADS Seminar. Melbourne, 27 October 1989.