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Litigation Support

GRA has specialised in legal cases all around Australia since inception in 1989, and in the USA from 1995. With a wealth of experience in a wide variety of cases, Dr Rechnitzer has the experience and expertise to provide the necessary technical case guidance and support for legal cases in terms of information requirement, discovery, interrogatory questions, site and equipment inspections, forensic levels of  analysis and testing, and expert accident reports of the highest standards.

Court preparation, conferencing and meeting with the legal team, are part and parcel of the work of  GRA.

Cases have involved all types of mobile equipment, forklifts, straddle carriers, silos collapses, tractors, ATVs, grain augers, fall arrest devices, electrocutions, vehicle collisions, heavy vehicle rollover, pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, road design and signage, road works, crash barriers, motor racing tracks, seatbelts, airbags, train crashes, level crossing crashes, culpable driving and many others.

The GRA service for legal cases can include a no-fee preliminary review of case files, to identify additional requirements and if GRA can be of assistance in the particular matter.

Litigation Support

When you’re in the process of litigation, you need critical data to be organised and presented to courts in a way that supports your case.

We provide quality litigation support in Melbourne, and Australia wide, providing our clients with independent expert reports and opinion for legal proceedings.

Our expert work covers Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and throughout Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, WA, QLD and Tasmania.

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Our work is designed to meet the standards required by courts, and to make sure that your data is handled appropriately. Legal evidence must be provided efficiently with regards to cost and time. It must be well organised and easily retrievable for adequate representation of your case.

Because most legal teams are limited in resources and personnel, our litigation support more than makes up for it by giving them vital data that is collected, organised, and analysed intelligently. Using litigation support technology, your evidence materials will be presented clearly and provide the support you need.

With the right technology, our litigation support gathers and preserves your data for review and analysis. We combine project management strategies with technology to give you the highest level of litigation support. Through this process, businesses can have the evidence to present in cases involving accident causality or product failure.

Our experience has given us the expertise to bring you the guidance and support you need for your legal case. We are committed to the highest standards of support in discovery, inspections, testing, and analysis to give you a full team to meet your resource needs.

If you require litigation support, we will provide you with an independent, expert investigation into your incident and provide an expert report and opinion to use in legal proceedings. Doing so will help ensure that your evidence collection well documented according to courtroom standards and procedures.

Doing so will ensure that your evidence collection is complete and documented according to courtroom standards and procedures.

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